Buy Commercial/Bulk

If you are looking to add a California real estate asset, we may be able to form a mutually beneficial relationship.

The managing partners of Affluere LLC have experience helping private investors and organizations either  liquidate assets, whether it be distressed or stabilized by pairing them with a qualified and ready to perform buyer. We have developed systems and relationships with investors who look to dispose of  California real estate assets on a periodic basis that allows us to help sellers achieve their end goal.  We act as an engineer or facilitator between the buying and selling parties on transactions that occur nationwide. All asset opportunities will be coming from the seller directly or a representative of the selling party.

Our Role is to :

  • Qualify, Interpret, and Present Opportunities to Investors
  • Introduce Sellers and Buyers Who are Looking to Perform
  • Distribute and Verify Appropriate and Necessary Paperwork  Between Parties

We have been involved in transactions including assets such as:

  • Portfolios of REO, Single-Family homes (cash-flowing or non-performing)
  • Notes (Non-Performing Notes, Re-Performing Notes, Performing Notes),
  • Cash-Flowing portfolios
  • One-Off commercial Assets (Multifamily/Apartments, Hotels)

If you are looking to acquire an asset, please consider the benefits of working with us:

  • Never Be Given Old, Blasted, or Even Sold Opportunities
  • All Investment Opportunities are Screened
  • No Daisy Chains
  • Smaller Consultation Fee than Others

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After Submission, our staff will contact you to verify information.