Real Estate Bird Dog

Real Estate Bird Dog Training

Description of the Real Estate “Bird Dog” “Bird Dog” is a real estate investing term that describes a person who puts in their time making an effort to find houses with substantial investment potential. Normally, the intention is to search for properties that have motivated sellers and selling at a price cut. These are properties […]

Multi Home Unit Purchasing Methods in Today’s Real Estate Market

When you market a multi house financial investment residential property, you talk to differently brokers, choose one and give them a special right to represent you in the sale of your multi family residential property. Why should buying a multifamily residential property be any differently? Normally multifamily residential property purchasers go from advertisement to advertisement […]

Youtube Test

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6 Reasons Why You Want To Be In Real Estate

6 Reasons Why You Want To Be In Real Estate Multiple Ways to Get Involved Many believe that the most common and safest way to get involved in real estate is by becoming a licensed agent or broker. Real estate related professions like general contracting, property management, landscaping, interior design, and staging are other ways […]

Selling Your Home Power Tips Part Five

Selling Your House Fast

This is Affluere’s Selling Your Home Power Tips Part Three. We aim to help home owners in the process of selling their home without a real estate agent. By studying our tips home owners can gain the confidence and create their sales strategy to successfully sell their home! Earlier we provided tips on getting to […]